Santa Fe REP

Santa Fe Rep is currently on hiatus while the Artistic Director is on sabbatical

The Artistic Director is available for Directing and Teaching a Musical Theater Master Class:

"Casting Yourself First, So Others Can Cast You" (Choosing the right material, shaping your identity, finding your place)


Real Experience for Professionals

The impetus for creating this new group came from the fact that Musicals with experienced adults are rarely done in this town - and certainly, after the casting process, I found we have many talented actors and singers here in Santa Fe. My intention is to not only support these actors by creating an outlet for their talent, but also to serve the community by providing Theatre that is well-cast and smartly envisioned and executed.

Developing New Artists

Santa Fe REP’s purpose is to provide professional performing opportunities to both Adults and Teens. After serving on the Teaching Staff at National Dance Institute for nearly four years, I realized the need in this Community for furthering mentorship to teens by providing them professional performing experience with seasoned adults.

Warehouse 21 is our venue of choice, as well as our fiscal sponsor for exactly this reason - to integrate teens into every aspect of Production: Technical, Costuming, Producing, Acting, Music and Choreography.

Mission Statement

To provide a variety of high quality Theatre to the Community including Musicals with seasoned adults, as well as educational offerings to underserved children, and to provide mentoring and practical career development for teens

Santa Fe REP Artistic Director, Kristie Karsen

Kristie Karsen, Artistic Director
Kristie is grateful for ten wonderful years in NYC, and another three in Chicago as an AEA/AFTRA/SAG/AGVA Actress, Singer and Dancer. Working with such Choreographers as Tommy Tune, Thommie Walsh, Ron Field, Larry Fuller, and Danny Daniels, she had the privilege of performing in everything from "Best little Whorehouse in Texas" to Woody Allen's film "Zelig", Goodspeed Opera House, Radio City Music Hall, as well as many Off-Broadway premieres and pre-Broadway workshops.

Her acting home was the famed Actor’s Studio where her Teachers were Tony-Award winning Actress Carlin Glynn and Director Peter Flood, and where she also observed the likes of Estelle Parsons, Geraldine Page, and Horton Foote.

Most recently, Kristie was on staff for almost four years at National Dance Institute (NDI-NM) where she taught in schools, on reservations, and in The School for Performing Arts. She is currently an adjunct professor of Theatre at Northern New Mexico College.

Click speaker for Mary Charlotte Interview


Aggie Damron-Garner
Managing Director, The Lensic Performing Arts Center

Ana Marie Gallegos y Reinhardt
Warehouse 21, Executive Director

Joan Lombardi
Choreographer/ Educator/Designer, Co-Artistic Director of ROBERT WOOD DANCE NEW YORK

Joanie Spain
Director of Career Services, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Jonathan Richards
Actor/Writer/Cartoonist Kirk Ellis

Martin Markinson
Broadway & Los Angeles Theatrical Producer, Owner of Helen Hayes Theatre, NYC

Robert Benedetti

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Currently on hiatus

Stephen Sondheim, Composer/Lyricist

June 21 @ 7:30pm
June 22 @ 4:00pm
June 26 @ 7:30pm
June 28 @ 7:30pm
June 29 @ 4:00pm
Warehouse 21, 1614 Paseo de Peralta

Directed by: Kristie Karsen

Musical Director: Kathlene Ritch

Lighting Designer: Skip Rapoport

Scenic Design: Chadney Everett

Featuring: Campbell Martin, Alaina Warren Zachary, Andreas Tischauser, Wendy S. Barker, Barbara Bentree

Ticket Prices: $25 Adults, $24 Seniors over 65
Rush/Student tickets available at door only

To purchase tickets for FOLLIES, click the "Purchase Tickets" button to the left

Audience comments

"Proud to support quality Theatre"

"Excellent Production and company; always look forward to Santa Fe REP shows".

"A pleasure to have SF REP in town – very high quality"

"Love these Productions, so happy to have Musical Theatre in Santa Fe."

"Wonderful to have such talent here and enjoy utilizing it; this is good for Santa Fe!"

"You've done it again – another one where we will be bringing friends to see FOLLIES"

"Thank you for knowing all of these talented performers. Congratulations on all of this good work."

"Santa Fe REP's performances are a cultural asset to Santa Fe!"

"Wonderful gift to Santa Fe, superb."

"Wonderful – pure voices, good musicians, and no amplifications…what a treat!"

"SF REP is an asset to the community; brings a variety of opportunities to performers, designers, musicians, and technicians to support live performance."

"Outstanding, we need more of this type of Productions."

"Enjoy your Productions. You do the challenging work of Sondheim".

"The show and actors are amazing". "FOLLIES is great!"

"Love the performance. Actors sound great – doing justice to Mr. Sondheim!"

"Beautifully staged Musical, excellent cast, live music really an unexpected treat…Great show!"

"Santa Fe REP, a great essential part of Santa Fe Theatre scene. Nobody is doing what you do!"

"One of Santa Fe's premiere theatre companies...Delivers high quality productions always."

"Santa Fe REP gives the community great performances. Worthy of our support."

"Looking forward to more fabulous shows."


Cast: Adam Harvey, Jonathan Richards, Nicholas Ballas, Scott Harrison, Matthew Puett, Jonah Winn-Lenetsky, Danny Cron, Michael Philip Thomas, Harrison Sims

Produced by: Santa Fe REP and the Santa Fe Opera, part of the Opera's Symposium on Wilde featuring a Q&A with Wilde's grandson, Merlin Holland


Audience comments

Great show.  Actors were terrific.  Good job.

The theater yesterday afternoon was totally enjoyable.  The combination of the stark, black and white set, the rich detail, compositional excellence and riveting narrative formed an excellent drama.  And since, I must confess, no previous knowledge of Wilde other than his name, the presentation was a rich educational experience. Thanks. 


May 2 @ 7:30pm
May 4 & 5 @ 2:00pm

To purchase tickets, click the "Purchase Tickets" button to the left.

WOMENS VOICES II is a theatrical collaboration between two local playwrights, young women in Dana Levin's creative writing class at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and teen girls from New Mexico School for the Arts.

Local Playwright Dale Dunn and Actress/writer Lynn Goodwin have been working with both schools to hone ther original submissions and coach them to performance.  The result will be an interestingly interwoven fabric of voices.


Here is a list of participants:
Producer...kristie karsen, Santa Fe REP
Overall Director....Lynn Goodwin
Playwrights...Dale Dunn, Lisa Michelle James
Directing the two plays....Lynn Goodwin, Lenore Gallegos
Lighting Designer...Skip Rapoport


Santa Fe University of Art and Design:
Chantel Eva Mitchell
Danielle Louise Reddick
Katherine Brown
Katie Johnson
Chloe Cecelia Torblaa
Morgan Elise Dawson 


New Mexico School for the Arts:
Lia Dant
Sasha Faust
Tilcara G. Webb
Tachee Momaday Gray
Serafina Martinez Ridgley
Ariel Parrella-Aureli
Chloe Siegman
Gioia Berlin
Lexy McAvinchey
Hanna Harris


Actors: Bernadette Pena and two NMSA girls


AND LANDED ON THE PORCH by Lisa Michelle James
Actors:  Erin O'Shaughnessy, Fran Martone, Lisa Foster, Mary Beth Lindsey

Audience comments

That was a lovely and very impressive piece of work. Congratulations all around!

Thank you for such an amazing, inspiring production.

Congratulations on Women's Voices II.  Such a wonderful night of theater, and it's such a great project that you've started celebrating women artists, their creativity, and their stories.

Such lovely work by the women and girls of WOMENS VOICES II last night at Warehouse 21. Beautiful job by Santa Fe Rep producer Kristie Karsen, directors Lynn Goodwin, Dale Wilson Dunn and Lenore Gallegos, and to all the women and girls from New Mexico School for the Arts, SFUAD and the community who shared their stories.


October 4, 6, 11, 12, 13 at 8pm
October 6, 7, 13, 14 at 4pm

Santa Fe REP is presenting Pulitzer-prize winning Studs Terkel's WORKING, the Musical, October 4, 6, 7 and 11-14 at Warehouse 21's black-box Theatre.  There is an Opening Night Fundraiser October 5th with dinner and numbers performed by the cast at a private home.

Studs Terkel's book is a compilation of interviews with real working people "what they do and how they feel about what they do."   Santa Fe REP has chosen the Musical version with songs by James Taylor, Micki Grant, Craig Carnelia, Steven Schwartz and others, because it has never been seen here (to be revived on Broadway in 2013-2014) but also because it highlights the lives of real working people.  We get an inside look into "their search for daily meaning and not just daily bread."  We will hear their words and witness their dreams, and how they "transcend their ordinary lot."

The tight ensemble of eight actors will play multiple roles, with changes happening on stage, in front of our eyes.  Several actors will accompany others on guitar, and the live band consists of piano, bass, drums plus the guitars played by the actors.

Thursday- Saturday PM performances are at 8PM, Saturday and Sunday matinees are 4PM.  Purchase tickets by clicking on the Purchase Tickets tab or call 629-6517 to reserve on a first come, first serve basis.  For questions or to attend the Fundraiser, call 629-6517 or e-mail


Lori Romero, Lesley Reveles, Sarah Weiler, Tom Romero, Tim Nuzum, John Camacho, Jay Hill, Andy Ritch

Production Team:

Director/Producer – kristie karsen

Assistant Director/Choreographer - Shannon Elliott

Musical Director - Kathlene Ritch

Lighting Designer - Skip Rapoport

Stage Manager - Matthew Lee

Pasa Review, October 12, 2012

For larger image, click anywhere on article, then click on article again in its new window.


Audience comments

Marvelous Production, talent, show, music; I want to run home and call everyone I know! I love this show!

Fabulous: the singers are very professional, as well as the musicians

Greatly appreciate the quality of acting and nature of subject matter

Love the show, better than Broadway

Extremely talented and well directed

We see a lot of Theatre - this was a TERRIFIC performance, thanks!

Great Production - very talented cast, really enjoyed it!

Excellent show, enjoyed the ensemble aspect, great book to base a musical on

Amazing!  Brilliant! Thank you for a superb Production

Fun, funny, fascinating - thought provoking

Really enjoyed the performance! Love the creativity of using the scaffolding and  screen for background scenery.  The actors - very good at portraying poignancy, humor, reality

Like the mix of ages, men and women, races! good acting, good voices

Great show, amazing talent

Great performance - voice/acting was superb!

Bravo! the cast should have the pride of the mason!

Terrific show - nicely staged, strong cast

Very well done! loved the staging and music, clever!

Congratulations on Working - it was a really moving and poignant production. The way you staged it gave such focus to the stories and their words - I loved that. And such elegance in moving to scene to scene, using the images, blocks and the scaffolding

Great to see the terrific work you're doing

I just have to tell you that of all the shows I have attended, this was the best. Actors, casting, setting and changes, dress/costuming, were all just perfect. The musicians were so accomplished and right there with it, too. Loved every minute. Many thanks for producing such excellent theater for us all


November 3-6, 10-13, 2011: PIPPIN
Thursday thru Saturday, 7:30pm
Sundays at 4:00pm



Leading Player – Campbell Martin

Pippin – Justin Barbee

Fastrada – kristie karsen

Charlemagne – Paul Walsky

Lewis – Giacomo Zafrano

Berthe – Alaina Warren Zachary

Catherine – Sarah Weiler

Theo – Phoenix Avalon

Players: Ariel Gottschall, Shannon Elliott, Stephanie Burch, Katie Montoya, Jonathan Ragsdale, Giacomo Zafrano, Scott Shuker

Production Team:

Director/Producer – kristie karsen

Choreographer - Ariel Gottschall

Asst Choreographer - Shannon Elliott

Lighting/Tech Design - Ian Rosenkranz

Costumes - Julie @ Costume Salon

Illustrations - Lisa Coddington


Vocal Coach – Andreas Tischauser

Music Director, Pianist - Lydia Clark

Pianist - Brian Bennett

Drums - Mark Clark

Bass - Pete Williams

Radio Interview

Rhea Goodman "Living Juicy" Interview with Kristie Karsen

Pasatiempo Article, November 4, 2011

For larger image, click anywhere on article, then click on article again in its new window.


Audience comments

It was SENSATIONAL!!!! The whole production was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! The dancing, the music, the singing – it was all perfect. The costumes, the makeup...BRAVO!!!! We can hardly wait for the next great hit!!!

I saw Pippin on Saturday night and was really blown away!! It was so well done! Every aspect of the production was superb, starting with the casting, which couldn't have been more perfect. And everyone was so professional--it was terrific to see such wonderful singing and dancing--and acting--in Santa Fe. The minimal set—perfect, and the musicians were great also. Thank you for an absolutely delightful evening.

wow!! The production was so impressive. Really, really professional on all accounts, - esp. the choreographer. Where did you find so many superb dancers? You deserve a rave review

A great ensemble, fabulous dancing, - a very tight production. So glad someone in Santa Fe is bringing musicals to this community.

We were so impressed with the ambitious production and the professional quality. Keep going!

Terrific production; I had such a great time. And the whole production had such strong spirit and energy.

We saw Pippin on Saturday night and loved it. Can you please add us to your mailing list so we don't miss another show?

Thanks for the terrific shows! Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

I am thrilled Santa Fe REP exists! I thought PIPPIN was fantastic, loved every moment – thank you!

Fabulous – just fabulous

Loved it – very entertaining! Great Production – BRAVO!

Love Musicals – this one is very well staged, great Production.

NYC caliber!

Wonderful, excellent, I cried! Saw PIPPIN on Broadway in the 70's.

Excellent Production – there's alot of talent here.

Loved PIPPIN, want to see more!

PIPPIN was delightful, what talent!

Best dancing I've seen in Santa Fe for many years!

Your Organization is like a drink of cool water in a desert oasis – cheers!!!!


May 6-8, 13-15, 2011: "Women's Voices"

A Celebration of our local Women Playwrights and Directors...also featuring monologues written and performed by young women from Santa Fe Prep and New Mexico School for the Arts.

In preparation for the event, Santa Fe REP will conduct workshops entitled "Finding Your Voice".
Conducted by Leslie Harrell Dillen and Dale Dunn, both SF Playwrights, young girls will learn to transform autobiographical material into the theatrical form of the monologue. Using theatre games, movement, and writing exercises, young women ages 15-17 will learn to access intuitive and creative impulses, take risks, and build confidence through writing and performing their personal monologues.

The girls will perform their monologues in between the one-acts performed in "Women's Voices". The teens will not only have the educational opportunity, but also have the chance to work in collaboration with mentoring adults – playwrights, directors, and actors.

The intent of Women's Voices is not only to celebrate our local women Playwrights as well as the local women Directors directing them, but also to give voice to developing young artists.

Six performances will be held at Warehouse 21, May 6,7 & 8, 13, 14 & 15, 2011.

WOMENS VOICES: Plays, Playwrights, Directors

Weekend A: May 6-8, preview 5/5; NMSA 7 girls
QUALITY: Elaine Avila, Playwright; Suzanne Lederer, Director;
Actors: Alaina Warren Zachary, Therese Olson
FULL DRESS: Bronwen Denton Davis, Playwright/Director;
Actors: Bronwen Denton Davis, Karen Leigh
BLACKBERRY WINTER: Sallie Bingham, Playwright; Kristie Karsen, Director;
Actors: Lois Viscoli, Matt Sandford, Barbara Hatch

Student Performers, Weekend A: New Mexico School for the Arts
Gioia Berlin, Sasha Faust, Natachee Momaday Gray, Cris Iannucci, Lexy McAvinchey, Brenna O'Brien, Kiera O'Brien

Weekend B: May 13-15, preview 5/12; Prep 8 girls

THE LAW OF RELATIVITY: Lori Romero, Playwright; Wendy Chapin, Director;
Actors: Jody Hegarty, Adam Harvey, Peter Chapman
THE RED UMBRELLA: Alice Van Buren, Playwright; Kate Kita, Director;
Actors: Mona Malec, Vanessa Rios y Valles, Matt Sandford, Ron Mier
OUR PLACE: Dale Dunn, Playwright; Wendy Chapin, Director;
Actors: Therese Olson, Lynn Goodwin, Adam Harvey
THE DEAL: Leslie Harrell Dillen, Playwright; Wendy Chapin, Director;
Actors: Leslie Harrell Dillen, Peter Chapman, Vanessa Rios y Valles

Student Performers, Weekend B: Santa Fe Prep
Bronwyn Barnwell, Olivia Carrol, Tasmerik Haught, Anya Markowitz, Jo Povi Romero, Alison Stertzer, Rachel Tynes

Artwork and Graphics by Cheyenne Cardell, Santa Fe Prep student
Stage Management by Cris Iannucci, New Mexico School for the Arts Student
Lighting, Sound, and Projections intern from either NMSA or Prep



Stephen Sondheim's COMPANY, November 2010

This is a music loving town:  Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, SF Symphony Orchestra, SF Desert Chorale, The Santa Fe Opera.   Santa Fe REP loves music too.  And Theatre.  And Dance. 

Now, in COMPANY, you're not getting much Dance, but you are observing actors with beautiful voices,  weaving a tale of life in the big city where marriages, relationships are difficult - finding the right relationship, keeping the right relationship, defining  our sexuality within that relationship...or alone.

Even if you are not a Sondheim fan, you have to admire the wit of his lyrics, the haunting beauty of his melodies, and the craftsmanship with which he delivers all.

Winner of eight Tony Awards (more than any other Composer), and the Pulitzer Prize, Sondheim plays an important role in the liturgy of American Musical Theatre.  When Sondheim was asked to write the lyrics to Leonard Bernstein's music in West Side Story (1957), the model for the American Musical was turned on its head.  Never before had Theatre goers seen a story with such gritty, unrelenting truthfulness, put to words and music, and delivered with a powerful, emotional punch. 

After his success in WEST SIDE, however, Sondheim swore never to write lyrics without composing the score, but when he was approached to write lyrics for GYPSY (1959) starring Ethel Merman, the collaboration proved too irresistible, and he signed on. 

COMPANY (1970), the first in a string of Hal Prince/Stephen Sondheim collaborations, featured Director Hal Prince, Writer George Furth, and Composer/Lyricist Stephen Sondheim; it was a landmark for them all.  A glimpse of urban life and relationships amid the turbulence of an age where sexual preferences were being redefined, COMPANY featured complex, two-dimensional characters, a non-linear story line, and conversational lyrics.  It was, again, revolutionary.    

A critical success, Sondheim/Prince followed COMPANY with the lesser successful FOLLIES (1971).   Ever the consummate artist in pursuit of the perfection of his craft, here is a truncated listing of Sondheim's works:

  • WEST SIDE STORY - 1957
  • GYPSY - 1959

Collaborations with Hal Prince: 1970-81  

  • COMPANY - 1970  
  • FOLLIES - 1971   
  • SWEENEY TODD - 1979

Collaborations with James Lapine: 1984-1994  

  • SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE - 1984 (Pulitzer Prize)
  • INTO THE WOODS - 1987  
  • ASSASSINS - 1991  
  • PASSION - 1994

Santa Fe REP invites you to join us in celebrating Stephen Sondheim in his 80th year.

Performances: EIGHT ONLY
Thursday, November 4th & 11th - 8:00 PM
Friday, November 5th & 12th - 8:00 PM
Saturday, November 6th & 13th - 8:00 PM
Sunday, November 7th & 14th - 4:00 PM

Tickets are: $24 Adults, $20 Seniors/Students over 15.
To Purchase Tickets, CLICK HERE to go to the Purchase Tickets tab.

Click Here to see our COMPANY Facebook Page

Cast List

Bobby – Jonathan Dunski

Joanne – Beth Kennnedy Jones
Larry – Greg Grissom

Sarah – Lori Tirgrath
Harry – Campbell Martin

Jenny – Lisa Lincoln
David – Tom Romero

Susan – Sarah Weiler
Peter – Shawn King

Amy – Wendy Leverenz Barker
Paul – Andreas Tischhauser

Marta – Therese Olson
Kathy – Stephanie Duran
April – Lauren Petzke

Production Staff

Artistic Director – kristie karsen
Director – Clara Soister
Musical Consultant – David Geist
Musical Director – Ron Strauss
Musical Staging – Campbell Martin
Lighting – Skip Rapoport
Stage Manager – Rachel Peck
Set Designer - TBD

Radio Interviews

Craig Barnes Interview with Kristie Karsen, David Geist and Jonathan Richards

Mary Charlotte Interview with Kristie Karsen, Campbell Martin and Clara Soister

Pasatiempo Article, October 29, 2010

For larger image, click anywhere on article, then click on article again in its new window.


Jim Terr Review on KUNM Radio

I regret that I didn't start seeing live theater til I was in my 30s, and musical theater I've seen barely at all – except for having appeared in a couple, now that I think of it. So this review of Stephen Sondheim's Broadway play, "COMPANY", will be unencumbered by any expert knowledge, for better or worse.

So, speaking as a person with almost no background in musicals, I found Santa Fe Rep's production of COMPANY to be a thoroughly engaging, entertaining and thoughtful experience, masterfully performed by an exuberant cast of incredible players from both Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

My familiarity with Broadway is mostly limited to the classic songs, the sound track albums, and of course at the top of that list is WEST SIDE STORY, whose lyrics were written by Sondheim. Sondheim turns 80 this year, and the new Santa Fe Rep presents COMPANY as a tribute, a 1970 play from near the middle of his very productive career, which also included GYPSY, SWEENEY TODD, and many others.

The topic, marriage –or not – is explored in a thorough, honest, clever and often sardonic way, both in dramatic dialogue and in the song lyrics. In fact, I was struck by how well COMPANY might have held up as a play if done entirely without the songs, so powerful and interesting and witty was the dialogue.

The simple conceit of the play might have seemed contrived if not so well executed. Bobby is turning 39, still single, forever dithering about the merits of marriage versus the single life. His assorted married couple friends lecture him on the costs and benefits of being married, in an incredibly varied series of moving and hilarious scenarios. Again, this is serious stuff, with some startlingly raw moments, but delivered with such dazzling skill in both the writing and performances as to make it wonderfully digestible.

A typically brilliant scene is a chorus of Bobby's married friends singing, mourning his lonely single life, while in the foreground he's seducing the wonderfully ditzy stewardess, April, beautifully played by Lauren Petzke, the night she must fly off to Barcelona. This scene, and this song, are pure genius.

As are so many, featuring a brilliant set of female stars in particular – Lori Tirgrath, Lisa Lincoln, Beth Kennedy Jones, and Wendy Leverenz Barker pulling off a piece that I'll bet there aren't 200 people who could do – to name just a few.

I can't say enough about how enjoyable this performance was, how lucky we are to be able to see such a great, intelligent show, a thing of real beauty, in a small, intimate space which has got to be preferable to a huge Broadway hall.

Several performances of COMPANY are already sold out, but it will play through November 14 at Warehouse 21 in Santa Fe; ticket information at 505-989-4423.

Jim Terr is a song satirist, actor and video producer in Santa Fe .

Audience comments

We are 2 out-of-towners who happened upon the story in Pasatiempo and purchased tickets on line and came to opening night. We thought the production was great – my partner had seen a movie version of Company, I'd seen a few scenes, but both of us felt very drawn in by the performance. Maybe the intimacy of the theater, but we were certainly more pulled in than when seeing A Little Night Music in London a couple of years ago or Into the Woods many years ago at ACT in San Francisco. We commented that it did not feel as if it had lasted 2 and ½ hours. We feel lucky we were in Santa Fe at the right time to see Sondheim done splendidly. I hope you keep producing interesting things.

Congratulations to you, the cast and crew on your tremendous success with Company. It was a really great show!

Truly the show was really wonderful. Top quality.

Your production was SO well received!!! Wonderful cast, directing, choreography, everything.

We wanted to let you know what an incredible job you did with the show. The actors, the musicians, the voices were each fantastic choices, and incredibly professional, on a level way beyond what is normally seen in Santa Fe. Kudos to you and your team!!! Now we're really looking forward to the next show.....

Wow! What a great production!! The singing and acting were wonderful and the staging was right in line with your mission statement - very well done!! I look forward to the next one.

Congratulations on a fabulous show!! So crisp, clear, and professionally done. Very moving. We came away feeling very inspired about the creative life here in Santa Fe. Thank you!!

Saw COMPANY Friday night and I LOVED it! It is one of my all time favorite shows, and I was worried that you would not do it justice. But I was pleasantly surprised - the entire cast was excellent. Do you have a mailing list that I could get on so I know about all your future productions? Thanks!

Fabulous production! I hope the run continues with sell-out houses.

A bang-up Production. Keep up the good work!

It was just wonderful to see so much talent…this will become one of those memorable nights of theatre in Santa Fe. I hope you continue to have sell outs.


Cole Porter's Anything Goes, October 2009

Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" was chosen as the first Musical because all the elements - the witty Cole Porter score, engaging characters, and entertaining book - appeal to everyone. We also were able to cast teens in these crucial roles:

  • 1 male teen from Santa Fe High School, National Dance Institute
  • 1 male teen from SFHS, NDI, Moving People
  • 1 female teen from NDI
  • 2 female college students – previous NDI students
  • PLUS - Choreographers: 1 female teen from NDI, one female college student; both were given numbers to choreograph.

ALL positions were paid, as it is Santa Fe REP's intention to honor each participant’s time and commitment, as well as demanding a high level of professionalism.


Congratulations on your accomplishment. It ís great to bring musical theatre to Santa Fe. I wish you continued success and full houses all weekend!

I cannot thank you enough for allowing us to see your wonderful production last night - we had an absolute blast - I was the loud laughter coming from the back! Congratulations to you & your talented cast, crew and musicians for an absolutely delightful evening of theatre. "Anything Goes" is a hit! - With all my thanks and best regards.

Was terrific! Keep in touch.

Everyone I spoke with liked it very much. And yeah, you did great transforming that space.

Thank you for your commitment to produce high quality musical theater in Santa Fe.

Awesome...wonderful....exciting. It was just You were terrific.

Congrats on the show I LOVED it.

First of all BRAVO!! And congratulations! I was truly impressed and thoroughly delighted with the production. The cast was AMAZING! Everyone did a great job, varying only by degrees of greatness. I hope you are satisfied and proud of how well things went. Sold out nearly every performance?! I had to come back on Sunday because Saturday night was already filled. I think you have a real future with this, and it's something that Santa Fe NEEDS.

We wish to congratulate you on your successful production of "Anything Goes." The level of professionalism exhibited in every aspect of the show was remarkable for the venue and size of the production. The sets, lighting, actors, music, humor could have made this a real "off Broadway" production in NY, NY! We look forward to many more outstanding performances by Santa Fe REP. Thanks for all the freshness, newness, vitality and energy your company has brought to Santa Fe. - With best wishes for future success.

I just wanted to thank you for this experience. It is such a joy to work with you and be in this performance. It really means a lot to me. I see how much I have missed being on stage and I thank you for getting me back out there. I will be taking Voice lessons and ofcourse continuing to dance. Please let me know about future shows as I would love to be a part of them!!!! - Tara, Cast/early 20's

Your show was amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You must consider it an incredible success!

The production was marvelous top to bottom. - M. Rodriguez, parent of teen in "Anything Goes"

Congratulations on your launch. Mikaela and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Good luck in your on-going work!

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the performance last night! EVERYONE did a fabulous job!!!!

You and your cast have much to celebrate and be proud of.

Cast List

Reno Sweeney – Catherine Robinson
David Crocker – David Trujillo
Hope Harcourt– Morgan Faulkner
Sir Evelyn Oakley – Adam Harvey
Moonface Martin – Tom Romero
Bonnie – Kristie Karsen
Whitney – Rick Edwards
Mrs. Harcourt – Marilyn Barnes
Steward/Purser – Chris Zappe
Minister/Captain – Spencer Snyder
Chastity – Jocelyn Montoya
Virtue – Chelsea Aguiar
Charity – Meredith
Purity – Tara Lyons
Sailor One/Cameraman/Ling – Ryan Rodriguez
Sailor Two/ Reporter/Ching – Josh Valencia

Production Staff

Producer/Director – kristie karsen
Set Designer – Ian Rosenkranz
Technical & Lighting Designer – Ian Rosenkranz
Costume Designer – Cheryl Odom
Costume Supervisor – Mannie Jacobo
Stage Manager – Liz Phillips
Musical Director – Dr. Deborah Wagner
Musical Staging – kristie karsen
Anything Goes Choreography – Charlotte Martinez
Blow, Gabriel, Blow Choreography – Devon Frieder
Heaven Hop, Take Me Back to Manhattan Choreography – kristie karsen
Graphic Designer – Cynthia Carter/Immedia Group
Photographer – Christoph Stopka/OutWest Photography

Photos from the Show

Purchase Tickets Info:

Here you can purchase tickets thru Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account in order to accomplish this.


Select Ticket Price and Performance Date from dropdown menus. Click on the "Add to Cart" button, which will take you to Paypal, where you can select ticket quantities. If more tickets are needed, click "Continue Shopping" to add additional ticket selections. Continue until all ticket selections are in your shopping cart, and click "Checkout" (for those without an existing Paypal account), or "Checkout with Paypal" (for those with an existing Paypal account). If you have trouble purchasing tickets online, email or call 505-629-6517.

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  • House Management
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Opportunities for Teens

In its mission to develop new artists, Santa Fe Rep is committed to providing professional production experience for teens.

  • House Management
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  • As Needed

Help Support Live Theater

Santa Fe Rep greatly appreciates and relies on individual donations. We are grateful for any amount you feel you can contribute.

Suggested Levels:

  • Friends: $100+
  • Supporters: $250+
  • Theater Lovers: $500+
  • Angels: $1,000+

We will be so grateful for your tax deductible contribution to our fiscal sponsor, Warehouse 21.


Warehouse 21
1614 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Attention: Ana

Be sure to write "SANTA FE REP" in the memo field on your check. Thank you.

TO DONATE BY CREDIT CARD, click on the Donate button below. When you get to the Paypal screen, if you don't have a Paypal account, go to "Don't have a Paypal account?" and click on the word "Continue".

Collaborations Benefit Business

Santa Fe Rep wants to foster relationships with local businesses, while additionally supporting the Railyard district, of which Warehouse 21 is a vital member.

Ways to Collaborate:
  • Local Business Contributions
  • Program Ads
  • Railyard Tie-Ins: Discounts offered at Railyard Restaurants (to be posted on website)
  • In-Kind Donations

Fundraising Events

Santa Fe REP hosts fundraising parties throughout the year. If interested in attending, please email for details.

To Contact Us:

Send us a message.